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Origo™ Air

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Origo Air

The Origo Air is a battery powered respiratory unit is designed to fit the Origo Tech welding helmets. The unit provides clean/filtered air to increase the comfort and safety for the welder. The Origo Air is delivered complete with an 8-hour battery, P3 filter, comfort pad, waist belt and an air hose with a Proban hose cover fitted. This unit is supplied with an intelligent charger, which ensures a prolonged life time of the battery, by reducing the risk of over charging. The Origo Air is equipped with a low flow alarm, which will give an audible signal when the filter is blocked or the battery power is running low. The complete system is comfortable, lightweight and durable.

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Ordering information
Origo Air Complete (EU & UK)0700 002 100
Spares for Origo Air
Face Seal 0700 002 101
Air Duct including Head Gear0700 002 102
Air Hose0700 002 103
Proban Hose Cover0700 002 104
Motor Unit0700 002 105
P3 Filter0700 002 106
Charger Adapter0700 002 107
Battery 0700 002 108
Waist Belt0700 002 109

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